Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Australian Records Released on Ancestry.com.au

Thanks to the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog for directing me to the fact that Ancestry has just introduced some new databases of Australian records, including:

What exactly is included in these indexes? Ancestry says:

'These indexes were created by Australian registrar's offices after civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths became law in the mid 19th century.'

So, they appear to be civil registration indexes from each state and territory. However, not every state is covered for the years mentioned

Also, keep in mind that you may be able to access this same information for free elsewhere on the web (see http://www.coraweb.com.au/bdmindex.htm), or on CD or microfiche at many libraries. However, the ability to search across the indexes of civil registration for all states and territories at the same time will be extremely useful!


  1. The official announcement about these indexes on Ancestry's blog: http://blogs.ancestry.com/au/2010/07/15/ancestry-com-au-launches-the-australia-birth-marriage-and-death-index/

  2. See the Family History SA blog for a note about coverage of South Australian records:


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