Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Parish and Township plans for Victoria digitised

I have just discovered (thanks to the State Library of Victoria's Family Matters Blog) that Parish and Township plans for Victoria from VPRS 16171 have been digitised and are accessible as PDF files online through the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) catalogue.

As an example, I searched for 'Elphinstone' within the series '16171' (see below).

Clicking 'Search' took me to the following results page (see below).

I wanted to see the plan for the Parish of Elphinstone rather than the Township of Elphinstone, so I clicked on the hyperlink below the first search result.  This then presented me with the 'Sub Item Details'  (see below).

Clicking on the 'pdf' link below the headline 'Download' (see the lower right hand corner of the screenshot above) opened a PDF copy of this Parish Plan within my browser using Adobe Reader.

This particular plan was coloured and high resolution. I could zoom in and out and read the numbers and names related to each portion of land. It certainly is much easier than viewing the plans on microfiche!!

For further information and instructions on how to search these digitsed plans and how to use the information gleaned from them to access related Lands files at the PROV please read PROV Guide 30.

Happy Researching!

(All screenshots are from the PROV web site)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Victorian Government Gazette - Historic Gazettes 1836-1997


An excellent resource from the State Library of Victoria!

While this is an excellent site, I have found that using the search box provided on the site does not retrieve all the relevant results (at least at this stage).
For example, when I search for the surname Fullerton I receive 46 results.

However, there is another way to search this site which retrieves more results!

Go to Google www.google.com.au
and search for the surname you are looking for followed by 'site:gazette.slv.vic.gov.au'

For example, I typed 'fullerton site:gazette.slv.vic.gov.au'  into the Google search box and Google found 554 results.

Happy searching!!